The purpose of this site...


Mostly Free AT has been set up to share knowledge of free assistive technologies which may be of use to people who experience difficulties with a variety of tasks or activities that may be helped with programs or apps. There will also be some mainstream paid programs and apps for reference and comparison.


This site has a slant towards helping students in secondary, further or higher educational spheres but it is envisioned that as the site develops more general assistive technology will be added.


At this current time the categories for each operating system or device type are;


  •    Text-to-speech programs - Which reads text such as MS Words Doc's, PDF and webpages aloud.


  •    Optical Character Recognition scanning - Which coverts images that contain text in to editable documents.


  •    Mind Mapping programs - for a variety of study tasks (revision, planning assignments, activities, etc.)


  •    Voice dictation programs - Producing written documents by speaking the content.


  •    Audio note taking - Recording audio from lectures, seminars, etc. along side typed notes and handouts.


Featured programs and apps are listed with Pro's and Con's, as well Video demos are available for a lot of programs, as are detailed training videos for some of the more complex applications.



If you would like to tell of us of any free programs or apps that you would like to see on the site please email me the details by clicking the link below.

Email us some program or apps!